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What is cydia and cydia installer? How to get cydia? Can cydia free download?

Cydia installer download is an advanced technology which allows you to jailbreak iOS versions that running on Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad. Cydia is the largest 3rd party apptore including thousands of important cydia tweaks (cydia apps). To install cydia jailbreak you have to jailbreak iOS version running on your iDvice. jail break is the only way to get cydia free download for your device. Without jail break your device you cannot download cydia. Once you jailbreak iOS version you can customize your iPhone as your favor as well it allows you to download cydia apps which is not include in Apple appstore. So there are few reliable iOS jailbreak software to jailbreak iOS versions. Such as Taig jailbreak, Pangu jailbreak, Evasion jailbreak and PP jailbreak. Most important thing is there are lots of fake jailbreak tools in the internet. If you install one of those software it may cause to damage your iPhone too. Be aware from fake jailbreak tools and get most reliable jail break tools for your device. Click the following link to download cydia installer (cydia jailbreak), cydia install tutorial

What is jailbreak iOS 8.4? or iOS 8 jailbreaking?

iOS8 Jailbreaking is a method that allows you to access Apple iOS system restricted areas. Also jail break facilitate you to customize your device as your favor and run cydia installer on your device to install cydia tweaks. Final jailbreaking software released recently (taig 1.2.1 jailbreak) and it let you jailbreak iOS 8.1.2. Later on there is no cydia no jailbreak tool release for jailbreak iOS 8.2 to jailbreak iOS 8.4. Because Apple developers patches up the holes of final iOS versions. So I have mentioned above some reliable iOS 8 jailbreak tools. Click the above links and get more info about jailbreaking and cydia installer.

Is iOS jailbreaking illegal? Is cydia jailbreak safe to use?

Jailbreaking iOS is not currently illegal. But keep in mind there are lots of good effects as well there are some bad effects too. Use cydia installer respectfully and responsibly. You may get many cydia tweaks (cydia apps) for your device which is helpful for your daily routines. First get the right idea of cydia and why you going to jailbreak your iPhone. Then download right cydia installer along with the genuine guide. For an example "How to get cydia for jailbreak iOS 8.4". Why should I'm telling this, because if you caught for fake jailbreak tool most probably 90% of your iDevice will damage. If you choose correct cydia jailbreak 100% you will feel the result of success. Once you select correct jail break tool cydia is safe to use.

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